Meet Martina Frang Mostad in Next2Five and exciting debates and reflection questions about the future.

This week, Next2Five launches its own YouTube channel where you receive weekly debates and open reflection tasks for use in classroom and other forums. Theme is the future. «It’s about preparing for the opportunities of the future in a different job market,» says Anneli Skudal, Managing Director of Next2Five AS

Next2Five develops products and services for future competence needs. Our crowdmaster Martina Frang Mostad presents debates and reflection questions that anyone can freely use to prepare for a future, different job market. In other words, a mini-curriculum about the future that is suitable for youth schools, upper secondary schools, but also for others who are concerned with the future as a theme.

«We hope that the videos can inspire good discussions in the classroom and in other forums where one is concerned with the future as a theme,» Anneli says. She is very pleased with the first in a series of many videos. – I think this first video has become very nice. I like the shape, the simplicity and the informal. I also think that the video opens up for reflection for its part and as part of the collective, she says.

Martina has made the video: «I mean future chores based on our tasks, can be a fun way for students and others to get better prepared for what awaits them in the future,» says Martina.

Take a look at our first Next2Five video