About us

Next2Five is a centre for scenario development, competence descriptions of future professions and labour market sectors and life-long career planning.

We develop and offer products and services by focusing on the qualifications and skills that will be needed in the future. In doing so, we help people make appropriate educational choices and promote life-long learning, while identifying qualifications which will be needed by companies and organisations in the future.

Technology and increased mobility in the labour market make radical, new demands on workplace competence, which must be managed and planned from a new, self-development perspective. Our products and services will help solve important socio-economic challenges, such as tackling unemployment by preventing youngsters from making the wrong educational choices leading to their dropping out of school and working life.

Next2Five is a public limited company based in Oslo, with all of Norway, the Nordic region, and the rest of the world as its market.


Next2Five AS was established in February 2016 by Anneli Skudal, Axel Olesen and Pål Stensaas, with the aim of developing and commercialising an IT concept to help individuals and trade and industry make more qualified choices and decisions about future skills. This platform was later named FuturesMe.

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The idea of a “radar of the future” was devised jointly by Danish futurist Axel Olesen in Copenhagen (formerly manager of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies − CIFS) and Anneli Skudal of Asker, Norway.

Gradually, the idea crystallised into an exciting concept which has now been developed in collaboration with creative futurist communities, schools, IT organisations and relevant target groups.

Sadly, during autumn 2016, we were grieved to learn of the death of co-founder Axel Olesen. Subsequently, however, we have established close relations with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures studies (CIFS) and IMTEC, in addition to Kristiania University College.

IT technologist Prashant Kanungo became our fourth partner in Next2Five. Later, the scenario developer and education scientist, Jon Frang Mostad, plus social media wizard and CrowdMaster, Daniel Juszczynski, joined our creative team.

The scenario expertise brought into the company by Jon Frang Mostad, broadened Next2Five’s product range. Mapping of the future is at the core of various scenario processes, adapted for use in schools and in trade and industry.

In the beginning of 2018, Martina Frang Mostad entered the Next2Five team, assuming responsibility for our collective intelligence brand, CodeCrowd.

Next2Five has a budget frame of NOK 12 million provided through the Norwegian Research Council’s funding scheme SkatteFUNN, and has received a first phase-subsidy from Innovation Norway. On 24 October 2016, we carried out a share issue which increased our share capital and provided us with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and responsible board of directors.

In 2017, two upper secondary schools in Hedmark county were recruited as pilot customers; Hamar Cathedral School and Storhamar upper secondary school. They are part of our CodeCrowd, and users of our future-oriented and interactive learning tools.

Also in 2017, Next2Five started a cooperation with LearnLab. In December, they launched the learnlab.net platform, featuring our future Lab sessions (interactive learning tools focusing on the competence needs of the future).


We have a strong desire to help private and public businesses meet their need for qualifications and skills at all times, and to match courses of education to the skills which will be needed by society in the future.

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Graduate unemployment is currently a common problem. Society has a great need to integrate people who, for various reasons, have problems landing their first job. It is crucial that the unemployed, and all those seeking a career change, are able to discover more new opportunities for work.

We also believe it’s an important task to help students prepare themselves better for the future world of work.


We take an innovative approach to developing solutions for current social challenges. Our user-friendly solutions are inspiring, and invariably create support and enthusiasm. We wish to inspire trust by always being responsible, trustworthy and business-like.

relevant * innovative * responsible


Our team consists of six competent professionals and a board of directors experienced in business, finance, law, IT and politics. We have also established connections with a number of partners offering knowledge that is crucial for us in achieving our goals.

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The board

Jan Kristen Wilborn, chair
Leif Frode Onarheim
Hans Nordstaa
Ragnhild Borchgrevink
Pål Stensaas
Anneli Skudal


Anneli Skudal; founder & CEO
Jon Frang Mostad; R&D
Prashant Kanungo; CTO
Martina Frang Mostad; CrowdMaster
Daniel Juszczynski; SoMe
Pål Stensaas; communications


Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Kristiania University College


Anneli Skudal

Daglig leder

I have the most exciting job in the world as CEO with responsibility for business development, branding, innovation and partner and customer dialogue. I work with a talented team and board of directors to address the many challenges this involves. I have a Master’s degree in business and economics from Switzerland, and I have lived, studied and worked abroad for more than 20 years. When Next2Five is launched on the global stage, I am happy that I can draw on my experience from international companies engaged in marketing, communication and strategy work.

Ulf Kurkiewicz

Web färg

Min lidenskap er å påvirke mennesker og organisasjoner for å finne og utvikle sin indre motivasjon for å oppnå gode resultater og å skape en arbeidsplass som du ønsker å være en del av. Har en dyp interesse for endringsprosesser og utvikling av ledere og lederskap. Vie tid til å forstå og kommunisere innsikt i alternative futures og dens innvirkning på ytterligere kompetanse.

Prashant Kanungo

Leder teknologi

There was no need for me to hesitate when I was offered the job as head of IT strategy with responsibility for selecting technological process solutions in Next2Five. The project is unique and exciting, and offers many opportunities. I can lean on my project management experience, which includes more than 15 years of work on more than 200 large and small projects in Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, Asia and the US. As for my formal background, I have an MBA from the University of Liverpool and a B.Tech Honors in electronics and telecommunication from India.

Martina Frang Mostad


Hurrah, I’m CrowdMaster in Next2Five! It is exciting to challenge a large group of people (the wisdom of crowds) to think about future competence needs. The dialogue with the crowd reflects future expectations regarding new learning methods, future professions and market sectors. I have a degree in educational anthropology from the Danish School of Education, focusing on learning processes in social contexts. My interest in the learning human being in cultural contexts has lead me i.e. to the Philippines and Nepal for long field studies.

Daniel Juszczynski


I have been active on social media for many years. This knowledge is extremely useful in my work to capture Next2Five’s opportunities in the different channels. It’s a lot of fun to work with a team that has gathered so much diverse experience. My background includes media and communications subjects in upper secondary school.

Pål Stensaas

Leder kommunikasjon

I enjoy all the opportunities and challenges associated with my position as head of communications, including social media channels, marketing and competitive landscape analysis. If we are to succeed in achieving the goals we have set for ourselves, we must provide relevant information to all stakeholders, both external and internal. I have extensive experience in the media industry and the communications sector, as journalist, editor and head of communications.


We are developing a digital career-counselling tool, FuturesMe, which will enable you to identify preferred scenarios by showing you where your personal qualities, your professional qualifications and the future’s need for competence intersect – both from a two-to five years’ perspective, and for five years and beyond: straightforward, game-based and inspiring!


The unique aspect of FuturesMe is that we have established a new method to uncover future competence needs in professions and market sectors in one year, two-to-five years and five years and beyond, based on the wisdom of crowds – the notion that the many are smarter than the few. The wisdom of crowds methodology is based on the fact that expectations about the future are best reflected by the collective considerations and opinions of a large group of people, a crowd, with different backgrounds and experience. Our brand for the wisdom of crowds is CodeCrowd.

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The experts cannot compete with the deep insight gained by combining small pieces of knowledge from a crowd of independent people. I 1906, the phenomenon which is currently known as the wisdom of crowds was discovered.  Sir Francis Galton, a British anthropologist, inventor, statistician, psychologist and researcher of human consciousness, was at an animal show.

He carried out an experiment, where the weight of an ox was to be established by asking everybody present at the show. He was surprised to find that the crowdat the show guessed the weight of the ox accurately when the average of their answers was calculated; with an error margin of only 0.08 percent! This means that the average answer was closer to the truth than separate estimates given by individual members of the crowd, including the experts.


This exciting new solution, which still is under development, aims to improve communication between your and the labour market. We are developing an IT tool which can help you make the difficult choices you are facing regarding your education and future career. Images of the future change, and you change − every time you face a choice related to work or education, you can re-log into our IT tool and get an updated personal map and compass.

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It’s hard to be made redundant and discover that your employer no longer needs your expertise. What should I do next? Is there a need somewhere for me? It is also very exciting to take your first steps into the world of work. The question remains: have you made the right decision? Over the years, we need to make many choices, difficult choices, that could be decisive for our economy and our quality of life. That is when it’s a good idea to obtain some extra help; valuable assistance that can point you in other possible directions.

One of society’s current challenges is that many people are choosing to study other subjects, and taking up different professions, than those required by trade and industry in the future. Youth unemployment is a problem in many countries, and a considerable cause of social unease. The supply and demand of manpower is constantly changing. We are experiencing increased mobility in the labour market. More and more people are changing jobs several times during their professional careers.

This upcoming solution is designed to help people make more motivated and qualified choices, and thus meet the future competence needs of trade and industry.


We are developing a user-friendly, intuitive and digital solution, FuturesMe, which can assist you in making difficult choices about your education and career from the perspective of the future. Enter your own personal and professional qualifications, choose the time horizon you wish to focus on. FuturesMe is easy to use, and is based on currently available technology. The solution will be updated continuously. In other words, you will have a life-long career counsellor.

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Your personal and professional qualifications will inevitably change over time. You can change these at any time in FuturesMe by logging in and making adjustments. Our overview of future competence needs is continuously updated in the solution through statistical forecasts, the wisdom of crowds, and by futurists (the wisdom of the experts). The solution thus becomes your personal roadmap, helping you to navigate more reliably into the future. You will be provided with both a map and a compass along the way!

Contact us

  •  SoCentral, Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo, Norway
  • Tollefsløkka 54A, 1386 Asker, Norway
  •  +47 913 38 116
  •  ulf@next2five.com